OTP6123 Handheld OTDR (PON OTDR)

OPWILL OTP6123 Handheld High Performance OTDR, PON OTDR, provides comprehensive optical test solution for metro, access/FTTx, and LAN network.

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Please see OTP6123 test video on YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMYNri47OyplD1BCCymvkdg


OTP6123 Series OTDR Test Set is designed and manufactured by OPWILL. It can provide comprehensive optical test for metro, access/FTTx, and LAN network. In addition, OTP6123’s portable and durable features can satisfy various test environment requirement whatever indoor laboratory test or outdoor field examination.

OTP6123 is the best option for service provider to install or maintain optical fibre network.


Automatic trace diagnostics, one-button setup and events detection;

Dynamic range up to 43dB;

SR-4731.sor file formats;

Support VFL;

Support iOTA (Optional);

Support power meter (Optional);

Support light source (Optional);

Event dead zone is less than 2m;

Attenuation dead zone is less than 10m;

The minimum sampling resolution is 12.5cm and the sampling points up to 256,000;

Remote measurement via RJ45 connection using OPWILL OTDR Desktop software.

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