Applications for SDH and OTN Test
- Dec 04, 2017 -

For the legacy network PDH/DSn, SDH/SONET circuits, normally operators will do in-service test; out-of-service; and round-trip-delay test. The test solution for OTN network is similar to SDH/SONET circuits. Basically operators will also do the similar test as SDH/SONET.

Out of Service Test

  • Applications:

  • End to End error free transmission verfication;

  • Automatic protection switching verfication;

  • SDH/SONET mapping verfication down to VC12/VT1.5.

  • In Service Test

    • Applications:

    • Through mode;

    • In service monitoring protected monitoring points or optical splitters;

    • Overhead bytes monitoring and decoding;

    • Pointer monitoring.

    Round Trip Delay Test

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