OTDR Module Designed for Online Monitoring System
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Recent years, optical line monitoring has been using in many fields including maintenance of optical communications network as well as security sensors, flood sensors, and disaster prevention system, etc.


OPWILL OTC2300 OTDR module is specially designed for online monitoring system. It can be continuous working 7 x 24hours.

Smaller than A5-size for Optical Line Monitoring Systems

Space is a vital limitation which cannot be neglected in an optical line monitoring system designing. Also, functions, performance, and cost lead customer to prefer smaller OTDR module. OTC2300 Card OTDR module (180x120x22mm) is smaller than A5 size (200x130x25mm), absolutely can satisfy the monitoring system requirement for space compression.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

An optical line monitoring system faces the challenge of its performance stability under the extreme environmental conditions. Also, as an online monitoring system, it would be required to keep working continuous for 7x24 hours, so the heat which is generated by system itself will also challenge the system performance and stability. Hence, it would require the system should be designed reasonably, and its components also should have very high performance stability under the extreme environmental conditions.

OTC2300 OTDR module fully complies the design of industrial products for 7×24 hours optical line monitoring systems application, and its dynamic range performance has very high stability from -5℃ to 55℃, supporting its use a wide range of temperature environment.

High Performance OTDR Module

Event dead zone for OTC2300 Card OTDR is less than 3m, and attenuation dead zone is less than 15m. The maximum dynamic range is 40dB (1310nm) and 39dB (1550nm). The minimum sampling resolution is 25cm and the sampling points up to 256,000.

Fast Data Transmission over Ethernet Interface

Optical line is monitored by various reasons. Mainly for assessing long-term performance changes of the optical lines such as loss, the system will check the fibre every several hours by using OTDR regularly. For other applications, such as network fault by road repairs, installing post or guardrail, breaks caused by landslips, earthquakes, etc., the system checks the fibre immediately using an OTDR to find the fibre break.

OTC2300 OTDR module can perform trace sweep by 1 second interval smoothly average. The 10/100M Base-T Ethernet interface transmits waveform data to controller by high speeds, which makes fibre monitoring much easier.

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