- Dec 04, 2017 -

Y.1564 Test:
RFC2544 was the most popular standard for Ethernet test. However, it is specially designed for indoor network facilities test, not suitable for outdoor field test. Hence, ITU‐T Y.1564sam is particularly introduced for telecom operator to do Ethernet network service launch and fault diagnosis. Compared with RFC2544, it includes critical SLA standards such as packet jitter identification and QoS measurements, which could increase test speed promptly, save test time and resource, and optimises QoS.

Network Configuration Test
Network configuration test will conduct a test for every service to verify whether the service configuration is correcting or not, and whether all specific KPI or SLA parameters have been satisfied.


Performance Test
When the configuration of every service has been checked, and verified successfully, OTM2612 will conduct a test for the quality of service simultaneously.

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