Chongqing Mobile Has Got The Scientific Achievement Award Of China Mobile By Using OPWILL Ethernet Tester
- Aug 06, 2013 -

On July 2, 2013; the customer response center of China mobile chongqing branch made our OTP6126 handheld gigabit Ethernet tester and OTM2602 gigabit Ethernet test module with other commonly used tools together, and participated in the China mobile “Technical Manager Ability Training --VPN Special Line, Line Test Tools” test project competition hold in southwest agricultural university.

Our gigabit Ethernet test set performed good in the process of the testing, functional testing, and performed very well in the competition.Chongqing mobile operation and maintenance engineers’ skillful operate and professional knowledge; cooperated with good testing performance made; Chongqing mobile won the second-class technological achievement award of CMCC’s private line test tool research projects, the number is CP 2013-ly012-005. Congratulations to Chongqing mobile for getting such a good result, and at the same time, we will try our best to make the communication test products, and afford customers with more high-quality technologies and services.