OPWILL Applies For Project Of National Significant Apparatus Development Successfully
- Jul 02, 2014 -

In order to satisfy the urgent demand of national next generation internet broadband communication network and internet of things’ construction , the government plans to design broadband high-speed electro-optical signal analyzer that can be applied into mentioned network. As a leader in the field of communication test instrument ,OPWILL enjoys total support of ministry of science and technology in the project of national significant apparatus development by virtue of the project of development and application of 100 Ethernet/OTN’s performance analysis.

The module of 100G Ethernet/OTN performance analysis that OPWILL takes part in developing can realize functional test in two aspects:Ethernet and OTN. Ethernet: planning to enable the module to realize normative test, support multi-interfaces, and verify PCS in physical layer and realize Ethernet test in two-thirds layer. OTN transmission: to satisfy standard tests including ITU-T G.709、G.798 and G.782 and support OTU4 transmission test. Therefore, the method to meet relevant technology demands OPWILL takes is using ultra high-speed FPGA to realize the design of high-order width and high-speed 100G PCS in physical layer, collection, analysis, and generation of 100G ultra high-speed data included.

OPWILL’s project --- 100G Ethernet/OTN performance analysis’development and application--- has been established as special project of national significant scientific apparatus development, which fully indicates that OPWILL’s research and development technology has attained a leading level in the field of domestic communication tester .and OPWILL will keep technology innovation constantly in the field of communication tester and set up famous brand of Chinese tester.