OPWILL Attended The FUTURECOM 2013
- Nov 19, 2013 -

FUTURECOM 2013 international electron communication exhibition was held in Rio de Janeiro on October 21-24. As Latin America's largest and the most widely influential communication information technology and network information exhibition, FUTURECOM has become an indicator of the communications industry. At the exhibition, many well-known international electronics enterprises were gathered there to show their products and discuss the cooperation. As the leading enterprise in communication test instrument industry in China, OPWILL appeared the exhibition with new products.

OPWILL’s products include 10G OTN/SDH/MSTP tester in Transmission field, handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester in Datacom field, handheld OTDR and fiber cable investigator in Optical Fiber field. Specifically for telecommunications engineers and technicians, OPWILL customized a high-precision fiber optic cable instrument used to identify the fiber optic cable accurately. Testers gently tapping the fiber optic cable at the one end, and through audio, video to the other end of the optic cable, then receivers can easily locate fiber optic cable. We also configure OTDR test module in this fiber optic cable tester. At the same time of searching fiber, we can also make the troubleshooting test. With a high integration degree, the fiber optic cable tester can meet all test needs in optical cable construction, and it’s the best test tool to maintain optical cable.

During the exhibition, many international customers came to visit our booth. After watching the product demonstration, customers expressed a strong interest in our products, and discussed the testing solutions and technical problems with our technicians. Customers spoke highly of the products performance and the professional knowledge of our technicians, and expressed the cooperation intention.

Through the exhibition publicity, the awareness and competitiveness of OPWILL’s testing products is improving, and gradually gain a foothold in the international market. OPWILL will continuously improve the product performance, strengthen technology research, and find problems then solve it in time. OPWILL will pay back customers with good product quality and excellent service.