OPWILL Became the Ethernet Test Equipment Supplier For BSNL
- Apr 01, 2016 -

OPWILL has become the Ethernet test equipment supplier for India telecom operator BSNL. During March 2016, OPWILL has begun to ship the product to India. BSNL is the one of biggest comprehensive telecom service operators in India, strictly requires the suppliers with high qualification and certification. The products of OPWILL for this tender performance fully followed the compliance from BSNL. OPWILL Ethernet tester has been dominated domestic market, been supplied to top telecom operators and famous equipment manufacturers in China. In September 2015, OPWILL released 100GE tester, now OPWILL can provide the comprehensive Ethernet test solutions for CN and MAN from 1G to 100G.

Currently, OPWILL products has been sold to nearly 30 countries and regions overseas. Particularly, in the BSNL tender, OPWILL’s products has shown its power and strength to pass the tough technical requirements. Also it indicates OPWILL is be able to deliver telecom test solutions for global operators.