OPWILL Fiber Optical Cable Tester Wins The Market
- Mar 03, 2014 -

The quick detection and location of optical cable faults have long been a hard problem in operator’s optical cable maintenance. With the increasing FTTH construction speed and much more intensive and extensive of network coverage in recent years, the demand of efficient and accurate location solutions has become more urgent in optical cable maintenance.

The problem all factories has long done research on in recent years is how to find faults quickly in complex spot conditions. On the premise of not damage the optical fiber, how to find the fault fiber accurately and quickly from a large number of optical fiber, and quickly find the specific point of failure, the conventional solution is optical cable instruments detection before using OTDR instrument to detect fault points.

After one year’s research and development, in September, 2013, OPWILL offers a new-brand product named FTS300, one kind of optical cable tester, which provides the operator with a thorough and convenient solution in optical cable’s faults detection. More importantly, the higher product performance especially in aspects of anti-interference and accurate test results ultimately enables OPWILL to win the operator’s approval in practical network testing.

In the Guangxi branch of China Tietong’s 2013 instrument purchasing type selection program, FTS300 receives good reputation for its better features such as easy operation, accurate location and clear outcome after strict spot testing and technology evaluation. OPWILL enters the next round successfully with random 1 in terms of technology. Since then, OPWILL fiber optical cable tester entered the operator's market officially.

FTS300 optical cable tester configuration:

FTS300 platform

OTM2300 OTDR test module

OTM2400 FCI test  module

Optical cable tester is characterized by easy operation and convenient usage. You just need to knock on and locate optical cables according to its audio and radio when using it. What’s more, it can provide with more complete test functions and more accurate test data, which is helpful for network experts to attain the opening operation and maintenance of optical cable networks.

OPWILL FTS300 is the only optical cable tester which combines fiber cable investigator with OTDR functions in present market, and it serves for detecting optical cable’s and fiber’s faults under construction. What’s more, FTS300 is an optical cables and faults locating tool designed for telecom builders, and it can be used for solving the problem of hard-detection caused by messy routes under construction of optical fibers and optical cables’ quick identification and faults locating in complex places such as tunnels, pipelines or communications well.