OPWILL's Integrated Tester--- IP RAN/PTN Displays In OFC Exhibition
- Jul 03, 2014 -

The 39th Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition of America (OFC) was held successfully in San Francisco from March 11th to March 13th, 2014. and OFC has long been regarded as international exhibition with the highest standardthe largest scalethe longest historythe most professional and the heaviest influence. At the same time, OPWILL took part in the exhibition successfully with the latest product and the best solution.

In this exhibition, products of OPWILL includes transmission products like 10G OTN/SDH/MSTP tester and IP RAN/PTN integrated tester data products like handheld gigabit Ethernet tester and PTN integrated tester optical products like handheld OTDRcasette OTDR and optical fiber tester.

OPWILL ’s manager was communicating with clients in concerning technology

It was the first time that OPWILL ‘s FTS-300 optical tester and ETS-300 IP RAN/PTN were showed publicly to foreign clients. The instrument FTS-300 is designed for solving the problem of detecting optical fiber’s clutter difficultly in optical cable’s construction. And it can pinpoint optical cable accurately via two methods, voice and video. Moreover, it also includes all functions of OTDR, such as, testing single mode/multi-mode optical fibersupporting multiple wavelength and meeting testing demands in different testing situations. ETS-300 also has complete OTN/SDH/MSTP/PDH testing functions and it covers different levels of rate test from access layer to convergence layer ranging from 1.5M to 10G. IP RAN/PTN from 100M to 10G and Ethernet functions including OAMMPLS-TPRFC2544 and Y.1564 are also included . Above all, it provides with complete clock test solutions including IEEE1588V2 protocol simulation and analysis and synchronization Ethernet functions.

Besides new products, OPWILL’s typical products like OTDR also attract many clients to have a consultancy. And Meter’s high-quality test performances have received clients’ good evaluation and enable a mass of potential clients to have the willing to cooperate with OPWILL. As the leader in the industry of communications testing equipment and instrument inChina, OPWILL has successfully enabled Chinese testers to enter overseas market.