OPWILL Takes Part In ECOC 2012 Exhibition
- Sep 21, 2012 -

OPWILL exhibits transmission, data and optical testers on 38th European optical communication exhibition in Amsterdam from September 16 to 19 and attract extensive attention worldwide like Czech republic, Poland, Italian, Israel, Serbia, Belarus, Australia, South Africa, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Irish, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Turkey and so on.

On this ECOC exhibition, OPWILL exhibits all series products include 10G handheld gigabit Ethernet tester, handheld OTDR, handheld multi-function multimeter, and handheld EVOA tester of optical.

On this exhibition the new OTDR supports intelligent optical link topology analysis (iOTA) function and intelligent network test tool (iNET) function. The iOTA combine the different pulse width through intelligent, it get loss and reflection coefficient of optical fiber branching unit wiring cable and backbone optic cable, iOTA can automatic judgment optical network topology. iNET function is the integration of Ping, Traceroute, FTP, HTTP and capture etc Ethernet test methods and it intelligent judgment the fault from the fiber optic link or data link. The two functions improve the test efficiency greatly in FTTH install and maintain and reduce test and operating costs.