OPWILL Will Bring Several New Products To Go On Display In US OFC Exhibition
- Mar 22, 2016 -

OPWILL will be attended OFC 2016 which is held in Anaheim convention centre from 22nd to 24th March. In this OFC exhibition, we will bring new OTDR products, FTS-505, which is based on a brand new pad type platform, 100GE/OTN test module, OTM2620, and fusion splicer, PFS-120,etc. Our booth number is 3233, welcome to our booth!

FTS500 Series Handheld OTDR Tester is entirely new pad product released by OPWILL in 2015. It has rapid start technology and supports automatic and real-time test mode which can guarantee engineers to examine and detect optical fibres or cables in MAN; AN/FTTx, and LAN network with high flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. Meanwhile, its operation system interface has high similarity with Android GUI, significantly simplifies the test procedure.

OTM2620 100G Test Module is a new modular product, This module is designed for satisfying the current increasingly test demand of Core Network and MAN 100GE and OTU4 such high speed network performance and stability. This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Network Test Platform).

OPWILL currently has dominated the TOP 3 China telecom operators’ test instrument market currently. Also, for overseas market, OPWILL products has been sold in over 20 countries and regions. ERICSSON, ZTE, HUAWEI, FIBRE HOME, VODAFONE, BSNL, and BT all are/were OPWILL customers, and many others comprise the growing credible reference list for OPWILL.

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