OPWILL Wins The Bidding Of Guangdong Mobile Instrument And Meter Configuration Item
- Jul 03, 2014 -

OPWILL took part in the Guangdong mobile instrument and meter configuration item in 2013. After strict judgment, OPWILL finally wins the bidding of 10GE Ethernet tester program by virtue of better product qualities in numerous manufacturers.

OPWILL’s 10GE Ethernet tester is designed for Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive testing, at the same time, it meets Ethernet standard and supports 10-gigabit Ethernet WAN and LAN network testing. More importantly, its special characteristics including being reliable,convenient and flexible makes it be a high-efficient testing tool to meet users’ SLA. It also supports RFC2544, Y.1564 standard testing and some performance testing including throughput, packet loss rate, latency and back to back. Besides, it can provide complete spot testing for mobile backhaul and commercial services and is characterized by complete functions including PTN and OAM testing, filtering,package-capturing and Ethernet BERT testing available.

OPWILL once won the bidding of CMCC’s instrument and meter purchasing program in 2012, which is a qualitative leap to OPWILL. What’s more, winning the bidding of Guangdong mobile not only shows OPWILL high-quality products but also strengthens OPWILL’s status in communication tester suppliers. Therefore, OPWILL will continue striving to realize product innovation and performance improvement and set up leading brands of china communication testers with better product quality and service.

The public link of Guangdong mobile instrument and meter configuration item bidding results: http://b2b.10086.cn/cmeppew/stage/announcement.do?method=viewDetailid=45550rootId=1