OPWILL Wins The Bidding Of Shanghai Unicom Instruments Purchasing Program
- Jul 03, 2014 -

Outcome of the bidding of Shanghai instruments purchasing program shows that OPWILL successfully wins the biddings in three tenders: “fiber optical link analyzer", “core network multi-service tester-2.5G” and “core network multi-service tester-10G”.

Fiber optic link analyzer is the brand product of OPWILL. With the increasing demands of high-bandwidth business and gradual increment of optical fiber link, the need of fiber optic link analyzer is gradually increasing. It can not only provide with more complete test functions and more accurate test data but also help network experts attain the opening, operation and maintenance of optical networks. What’s more, fiber optic link analyzer can evaluate optical fiber network better and achieve up to six kinds of functions testing, such as loss, power, return loss and so on.

Core network multi-service tester supports dual functions including transmission and Ethernet.

The aspect of transmission: the tester supports multiple PDH/SDH/SONET testing interfaces, 1.5M/2M/34M/45M/140M/155M electrical interfaces, 155M/622M/2.5G/10G optical interfaces; supports mixture from 1.5Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s and high-capacity payload generation and analysis; supports high-order mapping and low-order mapping, loop-back delay measurement and independent transmitter and receiver testing; supports end-to-end or loopback mode bit error in all PDH/SDH/SONET interfaces, supports high-order and low-order pointer generation and monitoring, what’s more, the functions also include complete MAN testing and high integration. Therefore, it is the optimal testing tool for service-providers to realize quick and efficient deploying, operation and maintenance of transmission networks.

The aspect of Ethernet: supporting RFC2544 standard testing ,supporting performance testing including throughput capacity, packet loss rate, latency, and back to back. Supporting Y.1564 standard testing and providing mobile passback and commercial services with complete spot-testing. Moreover, it can be used for complete PTN and OAM testing and supporting Ethernet BERT testing and rich filtration and package-capturing. Besides, it is designed for Ethernet network deploying and comprehensive test and meets Ethernet standard.Furthermore, it can provide complete Ethernet testing and be characterized of being reliable、handy and flexible, which makes it be a high-efficient testing tool with satisfying users SLA.

Winning the biddings of Shanghai unicom is a brand-new opportunity,which provides OPWILL with a platform to take a place in communication testing industry in Shanghai.At the same time, OPWILL will strive to increase market share and establish its own brand with high product quality and better service.

Outcome of invitations for bidding of Shanghai ’s instruments purchasing program of China Unicom announcement linking:http://www.chinaunicombidding.cn/jsp/cnceb/web/info1/detailNotice.jsp?id=2870703300000000539