OPWILL Won The Tender From China Telecom
- Dec 12, 2013 -

China telecom 2013 instruments and tools centralized purchasing project has published recently, after a half-year of strict technical testing, OPWILL successfully won the bid for “PON OTDR”, “ordinary OTDR- short haul basic model” and “ordinary OTDR - long distance basic model” with excellent product performance, and get the lion's share. So far, OPWILL has become the communication test product core suppliers of three major telecommunication operators in China.

As the user demand is growing for high broadband business, and the scale of the fiber optic network is growing, the OTDR has become a indispensable testing instrument for fiber optic link installation testing, daily maintenance and troubleshooting. OPWILL OTDR products can provide a more comprehensive fiber testing capabilities and more accurate test data, and assist network specialist easily implement the opening, operation and maintenance of the fiber optic network. It covers all optical fiber applications of MAN, access network/FTTx, and LAN network, It can be applied to indoor laboratory or outdoor scene environment, and is the best testing tools for operators in the optical network construction stage validation or network operation stage troubleshooting.

Since OPWILL was founded in 2007, it has been trying to shape its own brand, keeping technological innovation, strict production, making the products improve, and successfully shaping the excellent product reputation. With the OPWILL successfully won the bid in the project of China telecom, OPWILL has gradually become a leading enterprise in the domestic communication testing instrument, and constantly open up overseas market, develop a strong brand in China.

The winning candidate publish link of China telecom 2013 instruments and tools centralized purchasing project: