OPWILL Won The Tender From China Unicom
- Oct 11, 2013 -

OPWILL’s optical time domain reflectometer and 10G transmission analyzer products involved in the bidding of China Unicom instrument centralized purchasing project. The project is very strict, and the bidding manufacturer is numerous and they all have strong scientific research ability. Finally after the strict appraisal of the bid assessment committee, OPWILL’s testing products stood out of the fierce competition among manufacturers with high technical index and comprehensive strength, and eventually won the bidding of China Unicom instrument centralized purchasing project in the first prize of five blocks.

OPWILL has been pursuing technological breakthroughs and product performance since its establishment, and the good test performance has been recognized by users. The success of won the bidding of China Unicom project not only proved the comprehensive strength of the companys products, but also raised the public awareness of OPWILL, and greatly expanded the company market. This inspired OPWILL to work hard then become a leading enterprise in communication testing instrument field.