OTP6126 Newly Added Business Scanning And IP Address Increasing Function
- Jul 29, 2013 -

OPWILL’s handheld Gigabit Ethernet tester newly added online business scanning and IP address increasing function.

Online business scanning:

Online business scanning can classified detect up to 32 flows under the condition of not influencing lines traffic condition, it includes flow size, utilization ratio and error rate etc. information, then can convenient find any host machine IP which occupied a large number of network resource.

IP address increasing function.

IP address increasing function can achieve increasing change between flow IP address and purpose IP address, it not only can create tens of thousands of different IP addresses circulation flow; when used independently, and also can create tens of thousands of different addresses data flows when used with MAC address increasing, thereby can maximum imitate the actual network traffic condition, and verify the processing capacity of second/third layers networks and devices.

The newly added functions make the handheld Ethernet tester – OTP6126 functions better and used more convenient, then effectively reduce the operational cost