OTM2800 Sync Module (SyncE, Synchronous Ethernet tester)

OPWILL OTM2800 synchronisation module supports SyncE, PTP (IEEE1588v2), 1PPS+ToD test. It can provides a complete clock, frequency, time synchronisation test for operators to verify their timing distribution system. ...

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Please see OTM2800 operation video on YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMYNri47OyplD1BCCymvkdg


OTM2800 Synchronisation Analyser is specially designed for conducting clock synchronisation of PTN or Packet Ethernet. It is developed in accordance with IEEE1588v2, SyncE, 1PPS+ToD, Ethernet, and E1 such standards, provides a complete clock, frequency, and time synchronisation test solution for operators.

This module is compatible with OTP6200v2 (OPWILL Intelligent Network Test Platform).

OTP6200 Platform Detail


OTM2800 Module Detail

Support SYNC-E, 1PPS+ToD, and TDM;

Integrated a rubidium or atomic GPS clock, which can keep GPS time signal for 2 hours, beneficial for some situation where is inconvenient for setting GPS antenna;

Support to test IEEE1588v2 time server, IP RAN/PTN/OTN/xPON infrastructures, and BS time synchronisation precision and performance;

Support to calculate MTIE, TDEV;

Support to reproduce UTC time and clock with high precision;

Support ESMC simulation and analysis, which is in accordance with ITU-T G.8264 standard;

Support to conduct 7X24 continuous test to analyse drift performance in a long-term situation for time and clock synchronisation;

Support 1PPS+ToD, and SYNC-E mask and slave emulation testing.

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